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By Tim Ard Forest Applications Training, Inc.


Let's get right to the point!  Keep your chain points in good shape with a PFERD Chain Sharp this month…. Our ProLink for February.  Click the ChainPoint button on our homepage for more….


Springtime is coming soon, the cold will be over for a few months and that means it’s time to start planning your training schedule for the upcoming months.


We are offering a spring special on a couple tested programs with a 20% discount on single training days confirmed between now and May 1st. Two-cycle Troubleshooting and Zero Turn mower are the special for spring but chain saw programs also qualify for the discount. Most Requested Programs


The Two-cycle Troubleshooting class is a super program for your company or organization as we approach the spring. It gives a two-cycle powered equipment operator a unique understanding of the engine that can save a lot of time in operation downtime. It is hands on and the participant will really use the information from this class with all brands and small equipment types. So if you operate a saw, trimmer, hedge trimmer, blower or any other two-cycle this is a must have class. The class will handle up to 16 participants. Overview


Zero Turn mowers are used everywhere nowadays. Golf courses, lawn and landscape, government grounds maintenance and homeowners all have zero turn mowers. There is also a growing concern for operator safety too – injury and operator fatalities are statistically growing. This class covers things most operators would not think makes a difference and everywhere we have put this class on so far in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois - all have asked us to come back more than once to instruct this class. We discuss mower set up, blade mechanics, driving skills, and site preparation that is super important for production and safety. This course works with all mower brands and is hands on at your location. This class is best held to 12 participants. Overview


Customer Comment:


Zero Turn Mower Program

Our organization rolled out the Zero Turn Mower training program to our membership as part of two Safety Rodeo’s in the spring of 2005.  Due to the overwhelming positive response of the sessions, we currently offer the class as part of our core training calendar each spring and financially subsidize the program to our membership.


We feel that the Zero Turn Mower course content which includes equipment safety, operation and maintenance adequately prepares our park districts and forest preserves to operate this potentially dangerous piece of equipment.  In addition, the combination of class room instruction and hands-on skill building gives operators the opportunity to practice their skills in a controlled environment.


Bill Hooker, ARM

Training Program Supervisor

Park District Risk Management Agency


We are adding more training capacity to handle your training schedule and needs. Forest Applications Training, Inc. is adding an instructor based in California to efficiently cover training in the west as well as more capacity for the east. David Perkins will be bringing his teaching expertise and abilities to our Chain saw, Two-cycle Troubleshooting and Zero Turn Mower programs.


All Forest Applications Training, Inc. program details are found on our programs page of the website.  


Talk to your company’s training/safety coordinator or if you do the task – contact Forest Applications Training, Inc. today to take advantage of this for Spring 2010 offer.


Contact us at info@forestapps.com or call 770-543-9862. Reserve your training programs for spring. Make it a point to save today!


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