We are privileged to offer the finest in instructors to the Tree Care, Logging, Professional Landscape  and other chain saw related industries. Whether climbing, rigging, trimming or falling a tree... Forest Applications Training, Inc.  will fill your needs!

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Tim Ard   Lead Instructor - Founder of F.A.T.


Instructor:       Tim Ard     
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  • President- Forest Applications Training, Inc.
  • Previous partner and shareholder in Game of Logging, Inc.
  • Business Experience
  • 1978 - Owner Operator Small Engine Chain saw Dealership, Cartersville, GA.
  • 1981 - Manager Nicholson's Equipment Co., Chain saw Distribution
  • 1983 - Meier & White Equipment Co. Austell, GA, Stihl Distributor.
  • 1987 - Stihl Inc., Technical Sales and Applications Instructor Nation wide.
  • 1992 - National Forest Applications Manager/Instructor Husqvarna Forest & Garden
  • 1996 to 1998 - Vice President of ArborMaster Training, Inc.
  • 1993 to 1998- Vice-President of Game of Logging, Inc.
  • 2004 to 2007 - Husqvarna Field Training Manager
  • 1993 to present- President of Forest Applications Training, Inc. 
  • Training Experience (Technical and Technique Training Associated With and or Conducted)
  • Small Engine Training Sessions
  • Sales and Technical Training Sessions
  • Chain saw Safety Training - Over 10,000 persons attending
  • City, County and State agencies
  • Power and Utility Companies
  • Logger Training - Over 6000 persons attending
  • 10+ Year Training Association with Soren Eriksson Training, Inc. and the Game of Logging.
  • State Operated Logger Certification Programs
  • APA Logger Training Workshops
  • USFS Training Sessions
  • DOT Training the Trainer Programs
  • Department of Labor Sessions (O.S.H.A.)

We've conducted training sessions in over 40 states associated with the these companies, schools and associations:







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