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  Our Mission: To provide our customers and associates a great learning experience with integrity and passion that will enable safety and productivity in their personal and professional lives.

In the worlds of forestry and arboriculture the chain saw is an important and useful tool. Since the late 1920's the chain saw has produced momentous advances in sustaining, repairing and harvesting trees. It is also used intensively during storm cleanup and utility installations. Most people will use a chain saw at some time in their life for some wood cutting task. The catch… the chain saw without proper instruction can be lethal. As with many other portable power tools, training, safety and use instructions are critical to making your use of the chainsaw an enjoyable experience.

Competitive Response Training Format...   Forest Applications Training, Inc. offers the latest technology in safety and productivity training for chain saw applications. Utilizing CRT™, Forest Application's programs offer you or your company time proven techniques to maximize workplace safety without sacrificing productivity.
Programs For All Training Opportunities...   Whether you are involved in arboriculture, tree care, utility and power, storm cleanup and rescue, logging or firewood --Forest Applications Training, Inc. has programs of interest to you.



Who's involved?

Mills - lumber and paper

State governments

Logging contractors

US Forest Service

Tree care and Arborists

Pre-commercial thinning

Utilities and power companies

Colleges - Universities

Storm damage emergency crews

Insurance underwriters