Tim's tips

Saw's Reactive Forces

When operating the chain saw, it is important to be able to anticipate the saw's
reactive forces. Cutting with the top side of the bar will push the saw back toward
the operator. Similarly, cutting with the bottom of the bar will pull the saw and the operator toward the log. Therefore, it is important to position yourself so that you do not lose your balance while cutting.

The tip of the bar is frequently used for the bore cut or for shaving and trimming branches and springpoles. It's also a site where tremendous force is experienced. The top half of the tip of the bar is the site where kickback will occur if the tip comes into contact with the log or other solid object. This will cause the tip of the bar to move violently back and up- or sidewards toward the operator. If the tip of the bar will be used for the bore cut, the lower half of the bar's tip is the part that should first contact the log or the tree's trunk.