Tim's Tips

Fiber Pull and Splitting


Some trees pull fiber from the sides while they're falling. An easy way to reduce this
damage is to make side cuts on either side of the notch immediately after completing
the open face notch. A properly formed hinge will be strong enough to control the tree where it is intended to go and weak enough to break rather than split the tree when stressed. Cut the last 5-7 years of growth rings as they are the most likely to split.

Other trees slab easily. This means that while they are falling they may split a piece of wood off the front of the tree. Some other trees may split or pull fibers easily. The easiest way to reduce these types of damage is to cut the sides of the hinge and bore out the center of the hinge. This leaves a felling hinge that more closely resembles a door hinge.

Bore Cut
Cut Here Cut Here

The previous technique can also be used for trees that may get hung up on the way down because of the dense forest. By boring out the center of the hinge and creating approxi mately a 1 1/2 to 2 inch hinge on each side, the tree can break off one of these hinges and allow it to roll, finding its' own way to the ground.

The same technique of boring through the hinge can also be used on trees which are very large. By boring through the hinge and sweeping the center of the tree, it allows a short saw bar to effectively fell large trees.