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ASCAP Christian Songwriter - Tim Ard of Hiram, GA

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A few of my latest Songs...  
Through The Rain  New

Heaven Holds   (New)

Wait  (New)

The Sign  ( New )

A New Song


I Believe    

My Heart

You Bless Me With Life  

We Praise You

Mountain Praise New Demo

 Glory and Grace

Straight Street    

Written and Arranged by Tim Ard   

Bio Information
I am looking for artists to perform and record my songs.

Beginning artists and groups please don't hesitate to contact me if you like a song. Also, if you are an artist with a topic or song idea and would like to work together to finish the piece please contact me.  .  -Tim

For a CD copy of any of Tim's songs just e-mail your request to Tim.

Forestapps Publishing

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PO Box 429, Rome, GA 30162

Copyright 2005 - Tim Ard

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