Chain Saw Training,
Demo and Appearance Schedule



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Tim Ard

Scheduled Training and Appearance dates for Tim Ard



Mar 5-9 KYLTAP Chainsaw Workshops, Lake Barkely, KY

Mar 12-16 VDOT Coach's Chainsaw Workshop, Moneta, VA

Mar 20-22 AREA Power Chainsaw Workshop, Auburn, AL


Apr 2-6 VDOT Coach's Chainsaw Workshop, Accomac, VA

Apr 9-12 AREA Power Advanced OTLT, Hamilton, AL

Apr 16 - 20 PDRMA Chicago, IL

Apr 23-27 MIIA, Chainsaw Workshops, Massachusetts


May 8-10 Storm Sawing Workshop, Berry College (Open Enrollment)

May 15-18 Chainsaw Workshop Blount, Inc. Clakamas, OR

May 21-25 South Carolina

May 30-Jun 1 Baldwin EMC, AL


June 12-13 GALTAP Saw Workshop and Zmower Workshop

June 18-21 Colorado LTAP

June 25-29 KYLTAP





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