We are privileged to offer the finest in instructors to the Tree Care, Logging, Professional Landscape  and other chain saw related industries. Whether climbing, rigging, trimming or falling a tree... Forest Applications Training, Inc.  will fill your needs!

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Tim Ard   Lead Instructor - Founder of F.A.T.


Instructor:       Tim Ard     
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  • President- Forest Applications Training, Inc.
  • Previous partner and shareholder in Game of Logging, Inc.
  • Business Experience
  • 1978 - Owner Operator Small Engine Chain saw Dealership, Cartersville, GA.
  • 1981 - Manager Nicholson's Equipment Co., Chain saw Distribution
  • 1983 - Meier & White Equipment Co. Austell, GA, Stihl Distributor.
  • 1987 - Stihl Inc., Technical Sales and Applications Instructor Nation wide.
  • 1992 - National Forest Applications Manager/Instructor Husqvarna Forest & Garden
  • 1996 to 1998 - Vice President of ArborMaster Training, Inc.
  • 1993 to 1998- Vice-President of Game of Logging, Inc.
  • 2004 to 2007 - Husqvarna Field Training Manager
  • 1993 to present- President of Forest Applications Training, Inc. 
  • Training Experience (Technical and Technique Training Associated With and or Conducted)
  • Small Engine Training Sessions
  • Sales and Technical Training Sessions
  • Chain saw Safety Training - Over 10,000 persons attending
  • City, County and State agencies
  • Power and Utility Companies
  • Logger Training - Over 6000 persons attending
  • 10+ Year Training Association with Soren Eriksson Training, Inc. and the Game of Logging.
  • State Operated Logger Certification Programs
  • APA Logger Training Workshops
  • USFS Training Sessions
  • DOT Training the Trainer Programs
  • Department of Labor Sessions (O.S.H.A.)

We've conducted training sessions in over 40 states associated with the these companies, schools and associations:


Associate Instructor

Zach Lemcke

Forest Applications is pleased to announce a new associate instructor....


For four years, Zach Lemcke worked as a tree removal specialist for Berry College in Rome, Georgia. There he further developed skills in felling, aerial work, storm-trees, saw operation and maintenance. Zach became passionate about chainsaw safety from the start and as the student supervisor, he instructed students on proper techniques, PPE, and planning. All of these factors led to increased productivity and reduced incidents for the Berry College Tree Crew. 

  Zach offers experience in felling and storm-tree operations as well as their associated challenges and hazards but is also familiar with chainsaw usage in trail building and wildlife conservation projects.



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