A Complete Guide to Chain Saw Safety and Directional Felling

by Tim Ard and Mike Bolin

Photos and Video by: Laura Ard, Mike Bolin and Tim Ard


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ISBN13: 9780615319230



Over 200 Pages, 20 chapters of up-to-date interactive information...



Chapter 1 - Safety in Planning

Chapter 2. The Need for Personal Protection Equipment

Chapter 3. Choosing the Right Saw for the Job

Chapter 4. Starting and Using Your Chain Saw

Chapter 5. Chain Saw Maintenance—A Key to Safety and Profit

Chapter 6. RDT—A Maintenance System for Professionals

Chapter 7. Saw Chain, Guide Bar, and Drive Sprocket Selection and Maintenance

Chapter 8. Formulating the Felling Plan

Chapter 9. Understanding Felling Techniques

Chapter 10. Fiber Pull and Splitting

Chapter 11. Tree Height Determination Made Simple

Chapter 12. Determining Side Lean

Chapter 13. Using Directional Felling Techniques on Small Trees

Chapter 14. Wedging to Overcome Back Lean

Chapter 15. Dealing With Hanging Trees and Problem (Hazard) Trees

Chapter 16. Spring Poles—How to Safely Deal With Them

Chapter 17. Limbing and Bucking

Chapter 18. Chain Saw Safety in Firewood Applications

Chapter 19 Video Clips and Scripts

Chapter 20 Links and references


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