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Tectra Helmet

By Tim Ard, Forest Applications Training, Inc.

A new helmet has been designed and soon produced by Elvex® that will be available by midyear. The helmet will be called the Tectra™ and will be available in vented and dielectric non vented models. The helmet will also be the basis of a new chain saw operators system that will be built around the helmet.

I have been wearing a prototype of the system for a couple months. I have found the Tectra™ to be light and balanced well. The suspension system is comfortable and supports the shell well (not wobbly) and doesn’t look or feel thin, yet not excessively stiff or easily breakable.  The suspension has 6 webs and they are wide, comfortable and don’t pull on your hair as some I’ve worn.

The helmet rides low and stable on your head, yet it is adjustable with several height settings for the wearer. The helmet is designed with cutouts for the earmuffs so it can be positioned low on the head. This keeps it from being top heavy as you are working.

The tension adjuster is mounted on a unique swivel that I found does two things. The first is it rides in a location that doesn’t push on the back of your skull. Very Comfortable even snuggly adjusted. The second is that as you tension the back, the side suspension pulls together from the point the swivel is mounted so it tightens without heavy pressure on the side of the skull.

Check your helmet and see what date code is stamped in the molding. You are due for an update if it was made a couple years or more ago. So if you are planning to upgrade your inventory of hardhats or interested in getting the latest in PPE for the chain saw operator - make sure to check out the new Tectra™ from Elvex. You have a lot to protect up there so think Tectra™ for your next helmet selection.

Check out all the Elvex® products at www.elvex.com  or your local Elvex® retailer.

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