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New Program for Tree Care Professionals

A New program from Forest Applications Training, Inc., GrowndWorksTM is available for the arborist, tree care and utility companies. The program is based on time tested training methods and work techniques from the ground up to make your tree maintenance and removal work safer and more productive.

GrowndWorksTM revolves around chain saws use for the ground crew and the climber. Instruction includes topics such as:

Hazard recognition, P.P.E., RDT maintenance, saw chain selection and sharpening, notch’s and hinges, bucking, limb removal, lifting and body mechanics, working storm damage and hazard cleanup, brush and right-of-way techniques, as well as planning the work area.

GrowndWorksTM is an initial two-day program with future modules available for chipper operation, ground man rope applications, working friction devices, and basic climbing considerations relating to the chain saw user.

The instructor for initial GrowndWorksTM training is nationally recognized chain saw applications instructor – Tim Ard.

"Building a Firm Foundation in Tree Care" – GrowndWorksTM graduates may also participate in future ArborGames™ events.

To find out more on GrowndWorksTM program pricing, available training dates, and how to bring GrowndWorksTM to your crew or organization contact Forest Applications Training, Inc. today at 770-543-9862 via e-mail .


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